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Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet
September 15, 2021

Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week starts. This is truly a wonderful cause. A local Norwalk, CA vet discusses adopting an unwanted pet in this article.

What Makes Pets Less-Adoptable

It’s sad to see any pet in a shelter. However, some tend to get adopted very quickly. Kittens and puppies always have pretty good odds of finding a home right away. The older a pet gets, the slimmer their chances of being adopted become. Black dogs and cats also have a hard time getting adopted. This is mostly due to old superstitions and misconceptions. It’s very unfortunate, because these guys are often very lovable little pets. Dogs and cats with medical issues are also less adoptable.

Things To Consider

We’re always happy to see pets getting adopted. If you’re ready to open your home to a new dog or cat, don’t assume that that sad pet nobody wanted requires a lot of extra work or care. In some areas, these less adoptable pets can actually shine. For example, senior pets don’t need as much exercise or entertainment as younger pets. They are also typically already trained, and tend to have very sweet, loving natures. Pets that may be blind, deaf, or missing a limb often don’t need much more care than any other pet. You might just need to make some adjustments. In any case, it’s worth asking about. You may even get a discount on adoption!


Why adopt a less adoptable pet? You may find that it’s a very enriching and fulfilling experience. Pets are able to love unconditionally. Those who have been overlooked for a long time often tend to be extremely grateful to their humans. It’s also a great way to help other pets. After all, you’ll be freeing up some much-needed space in the shelter.

Getting Started

Less-adoptable pets sometimes need a little extra care, though, as mentioned above, it may not be as much as people think. A deaf dog will need a fenced yard, and will benefit from being taught hand signals. A blind cat may appreciate having floor runners and scent markers. Senior pets need lots of comfy beds. Ask your vet for specific advice. Speaking of vets, one of the first things you’ll need to do is make an appointment!

Have you recently adopted a less-adoptable pet? Contact us, your local Norwalk, CA animal clinic, today!

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