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Dr. Raj

Dr. Raj


Dr. Raj hails from the city of Chennai in southern India, where she grew up alongside her grandparents’ farm cows, goats, and chickens. It wasn’t difficult for her to develop a love for the earth’s creatures early on in life. As she got a bit older, her fascination with science started to flourish. For Dr. Raj, coupling her passion for the sciences with her lifelong adoration of animals simply made sense! She’s proud to now help pets and their owners daily as a veterinarian here at Ashton Animal Hospital.

Dr. Raj graduated from Madras Veterinary College in her hometown of Chennai, then earned the necessary certifications for foreign veterinary graduates at Oklahoma State University after coming to the United States. She launched her career in private practice in the San Fernando Valley, practicing in a busy 24-hour-a-day emergency facility and performing relief work for many different veterinary hospitals, before joining the Ashton Animal Hospital team in 2012. Medically, Dr. Raj enjoys the unique challenges of internal medicine cases, and she also likes to dote on puppies visiting the clinic for their initial check-ups. Most of all, she loves to meet and greet the area’s pet owners and their companions on a daily basis!

Aside from her passions within the veterinary world, Dr. Raj is an avid gardener and especially enjoys drinking mint and lemongrass tea from her garden. She also loves practicing yoga, going on long hikes in the great outdoors, relaxing with a good book, and enjoying the company of her family at home. Dr. Raj and her husband, Kishore, have three wonderful sons—Darin, Alvin, and Kavin—and also share their home with an obedient and loving pet, Penny.

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