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Keeping Your Cat Out of the Tree

December 01, 2020

Are you putting a tree up this year? Those gorgeous centerpieces always make homes look super cozy and welcoming. Unfortunately, our feline pals have a hard time resisting them. You really can’t blame Fluffy: to her, the tree is a huge cat tower hung with fun toys. A Norwalk, CA vet offers some advice on keeping your cat out of the tree in this article. Location Choosing the right spot for the tree will definitely … Read More »

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7 Things You Learn When You Adopt A Senior Dog

November 01, 2020

November is Adopt A Senior Dog Month! If you’re considering adopting a new canine companion, please don’t overlook older ones. Pups in their golden years have a really hard time getting adopted. This is really sad, because they really do have a lot to offer. Read on as a local vets Norwalk, CA lists some things you learn when you bring an older pooch into your home.  They’re Adorable We know, dogs of all ages … Read More »

Kitty Obesity

October 15, 2020

Did you know that obesity is one of the most common health issues our animal companions face? We definitely see our fair share of chubby felines. Read on as a local Downey, CA vet discusses—you guessed it—fat cats.  The Numbers Obesity is—literally—a big problem among our furry patients. In fact, over half of pet cats are overweight or obese. While kitties still look adorable if they’re, well, a bit chubby, those extra pounds can be … Read More »

Walk Your Dog Week

October 01, 2020

Did you know that the first week of October is Walk Your Dog Week? That crisp autumn air and beautiful foliage can make for prime dog-walking weather. This is a perfect time of year to grab a coffee and take a long stroll with your furry best friend! A Norwalk, CA veterinarian offers a few ‘pawesome’ tips on walking your canine buddy below.  Training Those daily walks will be much more pleasant for both you … Read More »

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Responsible Dog Ownership Day

September 15, 2020

There’s a pretty important doggy holiday coming up. September 19th is Responsible Dog Ownership Day. Our canine pals are loyal, loving, smart, brave, and cuddly, not to mention cute and fun. However, it’s easy to forget that they have some specific needs. Taking great care of Fido entails much more than filling his food bowl and rubbing his belly. A local Norwalk, CA vet lists some great things to put on your to-do list below. … Read More »

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Caring for a Dog With Allergies

September 01, 2020

Did you know that allergies are quite common in dogs? Allergies can develop at any time in Fido’s life, and can make your canine buddy quite uncomfortable! Read on as a local Norwalk, CA vet offers some tips on caring for a dog with allergies. Medicine First and foremost, if you know or suspect that your furry buddy has allergies, take him to the vet for tests. Allergies can’t be cured, but there are treatments … Read More »

Keeping a Senior Cat Comfortable

August 15, 2020

Is your feline buddy aged seven or older? If so, you’ve got a furry little senior on your hands … even if Fluffy still thinks of herself as a kitten. Kitties generally age gracefully, so you’re not likely to see drastic changes right away. However, your pet will benefit from some extra TLC in her golden years. Read on as a Downey, CA vet offers tips on keeping a senior cat comfy and purring. Veterinary … Read More »

Helping Your Pet Celebrate International Lazy Day

August 01, 2020

August 10th is a big day for many of our furry patients, even if they can’t be bothered to celebrate. It’s International Lazy Day! Our animal companions are very good at helping us relax and unwind. They’re also great at reminding us that it’s important to just slow down sometimes. Here, a Norwalk, CA veterinarian lists some ways to celebrate this special day … by doing as little as possible! Bed If there’s one thing … Read More »

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dog

July 15, 2020

Have you decided to adopt a dog? This is definitely a great time to bring a pup into your home. Many people are staying home a lot this year. That makes this the perfect time for training and bonding with a new pet. Of course, picking the right pup isn’t always easy. There are a lot of adorable pups out there in need of a home. A Downey, CA vet offers a few tips on … Read More »

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Fun Ways to Keep Fido Cool

July 01, 2020

The Dog Days of Summer are just about here. While many of our canine pals love summer, the heat can be hard on them. Overheating is a huge danger at this time of year! When temperatures rise, the most important thing for you to do is to simply make sure that your dog always has shade and water. However, there are some other things you can do to help Fido beat the heat. Read on … Read More »

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