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Your care team at Ashton Animal Hospital


Veterinary Assistant

Growing up, Estefany spent many summers on her grandfather’s ranch in Mexico. There, under his tutelage, she learned how to milk cows and ride horses from a very young age. This hands-on experience sparked a passion for animals and a deep desire to one day have a job that would allow her to work with them as a career. Today, as one of our amazing veterinary assistants, Estafany is living her lifelong dream and loving every minute of it.

Estefany initially joined the Ashton Animal Hospital team as a kennel assistant, but quickly worked her way up to the role of veterinary assistant. Professionally, she appreciates the diversity of the job and how it allows her to experience many aspects of veterinary medicine while also learning new things and improving her skills. Helping animals feel better and seeing how much it means to their owners is very rewarding.

At home, Estafany is a dog mom of two: a high-energy Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican hairless) named Loki, who loves to go on walks; and a German shepherd named Snoop, who looks intimidating but is actually a big sweetheart. When she’s not busy working or playing with her pups, Estafany can usually be found exploring a nearby nature trail or taking a morning walk in one of the parks near her home.



Veterinary Technician

Adrian went to school to become a veterinary technician and spent a few years working at other clinics before joining the Ashton Animal Hospital team in November of 2021. He enjoys working alongside his colleagues and, of course, playing with puppies whenever he can!

Outside of the clinic, Adrian has two dogs: Lola, who is nice to everyone, and Daisy, who is not. He isn’t much into hobbies.



Lead CSR

Growing up in Downey, Cristal recalls her two biggest influencers as a child: zoologist Steve Irwin and British biologist David Attenborough. From a young age, Cristal began bringing home injured animals and attempting to nurse them back to health. That early desire to help and nurture those who don’t have a voice and can’t advocate for themselves would one day lead her to a career in the veterinary field.

Prior to joining Ashton Animal Hospital, Cristal spent several years working at both a police department as well as a law firm. While she enjoyed the work, she always had this itch to pursue her dream of working with animals. In October 2018, she took a leap of faith, and the rest is history. Professionally, Cristal enjoys educating clients about their pets’ health.

At home, Cristal has five fur babies of her own: three Chihuahuas named Bambi, Bruno, and Mitchy; a pitbull named Reiner; and a calico cat named Oyuki. All five were strays before Cristal rescued them and made them part of her family. In her spare time, Cristal enjoys taking road trips along the coastline.




Breanna has always had a passion for animals. Even as a young child, she was always trying to help and comfort them whenever she got the chance. At the age of 14, Breanna’s dog became gravely ill and received a devastating diagnosis. While this experience was heartbreaking, it also served as Breanna’s inspiration to one day work in the veterinary field. Today, she honors the memory of her beloved childhood dog each and every day.

As soon as she was able, Breanna enrolled in and completed a veterinary assistant certification program. She worked in the field for several years before joining the Ashton Animal Hospital team in late 2022. In her role as receptionist, Breanna serves as the friendly face of our clinic, greeting clients, welcoming patients, and helping everyone who enters our facility feel comfortable and right at home.

At home, Breanna resides with her daughter, with whom she enjoys taking walks and baking together. Her future plans include becoming either a registered veterinary technician or a certified veterinary practice manager. She hasn’t quite decided which path to take as of yet, but knows that no matter what, working with animals will be a part of her life forever.



Certified Vet Assistant

When Val was about 10 years old, she accompanied her parents to the local animal shelter with the intentions of adopting a cat. Plans changed, however, when Val laid eyes on a sad, lonely dog who had been recently abandoned by his owners. Upon pleading with her parents, Val got her way and was able to give the dog a lifelong, loving home. It was through this experience that she realized the deep love she had for animals.

Val’s career journey began through an externship, followed by stints at a few other local clinics. Growing tired of her two-hour commute, Val began to look for an opportunity that would bring her closer to home, and that’s when she came across Ashton Animal Hospital. She was hired in early 2023 and has quickly become an integral part of the team. Val’s favorite part of the job is being challenged and learning new things.



Client Service Representative

Like all of her coworkers, Karina has always had a deep affection for animals. She even went to school for Animal Science before switching majors. In February of 2020, Karina found out about an opening at Ashton Animal Hospital and decided to give it a shot. The rest, as they say, is history!

Professionally, Karina enjoys interacting with clients and providing them with support and comfort at every opportunity. She is currently attending school full time and is a student pilot. Her focus is on plant science, and she is actively pursuing a masters in plant pathology and breeding.

At home, Karina has a veritable zoo of her own, with three indoor cats (Pumpkin, Spice and Latte), four dogs (Lucy, Camila, Canelo, and Toby Jr.), and seven feral cats. As you can imagine, much of Karina’s time is taken up by school and work, but any chance she gets, you’ll probably find her snuggling with her fur babies.



Manager / Vet Tech

Several years ago, when Brenda was working as a receptionist, a puppy was brought in with Parvo. The owners were informed of the guarded prognosis but agreed to treatment anyway. After several days of intense treatment, the puppy was discharged. A few days later, he was brought back in for a recheck, happily wagging his tail and having made a full recovery. It was at that moment that Brenda knew she wanted to work in the veterinary field forever.

Brenda started working for Dr. Raj around 2017. She began her journey as a receptionist, and quickly climbed the ranks, working her way up from veterinary assistant to veterinary technician, and now manager. Professionally, there’s not much about the job that Brenda doesn’t enjoy – from vaccinating puppies and kittens to helping sick patients feel better.

Outside of the clinic, Brenda is married with two beautiful, crazy boys. Having recently lost their 16-year-old pit bull, Dainer, the family isn’t quite ready for a new pet just yet but hopes to welcome a new furry member in the future. In her free time, Brenda enjoys taking courses and learning new things.

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