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Adriana OchoaAdriana Ochoa

Friendly staff. Reasonable prices. Open Saturdays

Marcela Ale ArrietaMarcela Ale Arrieta

Loved them!! Gonzo was a happy camper. It's hard to do that but they did it.

Cesar LomeliCesar Lomeli

I took my 8 week old pup Luna. Had a great experience. The staff were great and friendly. Even received a call the next day to see how Luna was doing. Will definitely recommend them

Hema IrudayarajHema Irudayaraj


Manoj BrahmbhattManoj Brahmbhatt

Best Hospital for your pet. My Duncan recognized this place, don't want to get down from car. Once inside than OK.

Angela AriasAngela Arias

I have been coming to Ashton for a very long time. Friendly staffs and the always welcome us with a smile.

Tamra KoesterTamra Koester

Great experience great staff!

Euma Bendebel LastimosoEuma Bendebel Lastimoso

just took my 12 yr old baby pet, Joy, usually she gets very anxious going or being at the vet clinic, hyperventilating until her stomach gets distended but here she's quiet.

Ariana MastainAriana Mastain

Thank you to Brenda for being so awesome and taking care of my puppy zakk

Ruth PeralesRuth Perales

Excellent place to bring your pet. Our little Bam Bam never gets upset when he gets his shots. Not a huge fan of having his temp checked lol but who would be haha. The staff is super friendly and helpful with any questions that you may have. The doctor is also extremely caring towards our pup. Very happy I found this place and highly recommend you stop in for your pets needs.

Iyaly G.Iyaly G.

My first time taking my doggy to this place . The Vet was very acknowledged and honest . Of curse the service is not the same if you are in person but they...

Tony CobosTony Cobos

Great staff great service

Sunshine HossSunshine Hoss

🥰- very happy with how they treated my grand babies #beau aka Charlie and #zoey 👍🏻

Jim SanchezJim Sanchez

I've taken my pup there a couple of times and they treat the pets as there own with love and kindness! The staff and the Vet are awesome people! Thanks!

Jabez Julissa BenavidesJabez Julissa Benavides

I’ve taken my poodle Harley several times and every time it’s be great. But I went last week and wasn’t so happy with the visit, they suggested the test for her ear infection so they know what type of infection and give her the proper meds. But what I didn’t like is them asking how much can we afford and my husband says 2 hundred to 250 I’m like what??? For an ear infection?? So we paid 238.00 left with ear drops some shampoo for her bad skin and some conditioner spray for her coat . No antibiotics. I’m like what’s going on here? I told the you lady at the front that the doctor said she has a little bit of fungus in her arm pits is this shampoo for that? She said no but it will help with her coat and irritated skin I just didn’t understand why we had to pay so much and leave with no antibiotics cream or shampoo for fungus, I was very respectful because I really love this place. So the lady changed the spray for fungus pills . I haven’t seen any changes in her skin but the ear drops are working. Just kinda disappointed on this last visit.

Tony CobosTony Cobos

Friendly pet loving staff. An explanation of proposed treatment plan. And credit cards are accepted.😃🕺

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