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Choosing Holiday Gifts For Your Cat: The Purrfect Options
December 15, 2023

Are you still working on your holiday shopping? We probably won’t be super helpful when it comes to picking gifts out for your family members, but we can help you pick something for your cat. Kitties definitely deserve something special. Your feline friend will be fascinated by all the bags and boxes you bring home. Fluffy might even help you wrap gifts! That isn’t the only help she offers: she also earns her keep by being a sleep aid, comedian, and yoga coach. Here is a list of good gifts for cats from a local Downey, CA vet.

Holiday Gifts For Kittens

Do you have a baby ball of fur on your hands? You’re in for an adorable holiday season if your feline buddy is still a kitten. Little Fluffy somehow manages to be cuter than usual in front of a decorated tree. (She’s also pretty cute when she’s wreaking havoc on said tree, but that’s another topic.) 

Plenty of toys are in order. You might want to hold off on catnip: most kittens don’t become susceptible to it until they are at least three months old.

Your furry pal will appreciate cat furniture to perch, nap, and play on, but you should probably avoid most kitten-sized items, as she’ll outgrow them so quickly. Instead, choose a cat tower with lots of nooks and crannies.

Grown Up Kitties

For grownup kitties, the classic catnip mouse is fine. (Catnip birds, squirrels, and armadillos also work.) You can also offer your furry pal a live catnip plant, catnip bubbles, or catnip spray.

Not all cats like catnip. It is estimated that roughly half of our feline friends are immune to the effects of catnip. Honeysuckle cat toys can be a good alternative for those catnip-resistant furballs. For some reason, kitties that do not enjoy catnip often like honeysuckle. (We’ll just add that one to the list of feline mysteries.)

Cat Gifts For Seniors

Fluffy will still enjoy and appreciate toys in her golden years. Senior cats tend to be lazy and spend most of their time sleeping, so they need exercise and mental stimulation as well.

Bonus: As Fluffy enters her senior years, she will likely prefer relaxing in a cozy spot under the tree rather than trying to knock it down. 

Comfort is king with older cats. Pet ramps or stairs, fountains, and litter boxes specifically designed for seniors can all make life easier for your pet. You can also get Fluffy some grooming furniture with a roller brush for your pet to rub against. 

Your little buddy will still enjoy pet furniture such as cat towers, cat shelves, scratching posts, window seats, and/or catwalks.

Gadget Gifts For Cats

A robotic mouse or remote control toy is a fun option for the modern kitty. You can also download video games that are specifically designed for cats to play on your smartphone or tablet. This is a great way to repurpose a new phone or tablet that is being replaced. GPS tags are an option for kitties that go outdoors. (Note: we always recommend keeping cats inside.)

You can even buy Fluffy some programmable paw pads. These speak specific words when Fluffy steps on them. (Your mileage may vary.)

Gifts For Cats That Don’t Care About Gadgets

Not all kitties are impressed by the latest technology. In fact, quite a few of our meowing patients have very simple tastes. One surefire way to score some purrs? Give your furry friend the empty boxes after everyone has finished opening their gifts. You can even make your feline overlord a box castle, complete with turrets and balconies. This is a great project for kids!

Homemade Kitty Gifts

There’s always something special about getting a homemade gift. There are also many great DIY ideas for cat toys. Making your own catnip mice is a simple option. Start by cutting two pieces of fabric into the same shape. It can be a mouse, but cats really don’t care what shape their toys are. Then, sew them together with the  outsides facing inwards, leaving a small gap. Pull the fabric through this hole and then stuff the toy with catnip before sewing it shut. Finally, remind Fluffy not to play with it …. and watch as she eagerly pounces on her new toy!  

Presents For Homeless Kitties

There are far too many lovable felines residing in animal shelters. These sweet kitties only want someone to love them, care for them, and provide them with cuddles, affection, and, of course, catnip. 

A forever home is of course the purrfect gift here, but that isn’t something to take lightly. Adoption is forever! However, there are other ways to help homeless cats and the shelters and organizations that care for them. Offering monetary donations, providing supplies to a local shelter, and/or sponsoring a medical treatment for an adoptable cat in need are all wonderful ways to make a difference.

You can also make shelters for homeless cats in your neighborhood with just a few storage totes. Place one inside the other, and insert newspaper between for insulation. Cut a small doorway in one side and add a soft blanket. The problem of overpopulation of pets cannot be solved, but it can keep a scared, struggling kitty warm at night. For more information on how to help homeless cats, contact your Downey, CA veterinarian.

All-Purrpose Cat Gifts

If there’s one thing that all of our feline buddies would appreciate, it’s a new bed. You can of course buy these, but you can also make your own. An old suitcase, drawer, or crate can be used for this. 

A subscription box is another great option. Every month, Fluffy will get a new box of toys to bat under the sofa!

Another good option is the scratching board or post. There are a lot of really cute ones available. Fluffy can do her nails on a manicure station that looks like a taco, a cactus, a hippie van, or a turntable. You can also pick something that matches your decor and style tastes. 

The Best Gifts For Fluffy: FInal Thoughts On Choosing The Purrfect Gift

When it comes to your beloved furry companion’s well-being, safety should always come first. Be cautious of toys with small components and make sure to put away stringed toys after playtime to prevent any possible entanglement for your cat. Additionally, it is best to steer clear of pet products produced overseas as some countries may not have rigorous quality regulations. Unfortunately, certain pet items have been discovered to contain dangerous substances like BPAS and lead, but that is a separate matter entirely. 

Keep in mind that cats are unpredictable. Fluffy might ignore the things you buy them and play with a bottle cap or sleep on a pizza box. You’ll also need to consider your pet’s personality. Anxious kitties may enjoy comfort items, while bold, adventurous ones may benefit from exercise wheels or things that keep them active. 
All of us at Ashton Animal Hospital, your Downey, CA animal clinic. We wish you a happy holiday season from  Please do not hesitate to contact us for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs.

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