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5 Easy Ways To Support Good Animal Actor Welfare
June 15, 2022
Pets In Film Day is June 19th! Animal movies can do a lot of good insofar as raising awareness about certain topics, such as climate change. They are also a great way to teach kids that our animal companions are sentient beings, who should always be treated with kindness and care. However, filming can be exhausting, traumatic, and even dangerous for their stars. A Norwalk, CA vet lists some ways to promote safe and ethical animal film practices below.

Choose Animation

This is a great way to vote with your money (or your viewing habits). It’s also a win-win. With animated classics, there are no living animals involved, so you can enjoy your movie without guilt. There’s also a great selection to choose from! Some of our favorites? Lady And The Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, Pets United, Rio, Ice Age, and The Secret Life Of Pets.

Opt For Classics

Many of those early classics were filmed before animals had protection in movies. New laws really wouldn’t affect them or their success at this point, and the stars of older films have long since crossed the Rainbow Bridge. These are also some great movies, such as Milo and Otis, Homeward Bound, Beethoven, Lassie, and Old Yeller.

Support Legislation

One thing we’re happy to see developing in recent years is a realization of both the need for and importance of laws that promote good animal welfare and criminalize cruel or unethical practices and treatment. Right now, animal actors are not specifically covered by any laws. However, general animal use and cruelty laws do apply to them. Keep an eye out for new developments and proposed legislation, and help spread the word about them.

Choose Documentaries

Documentaries are extremely important for highlighting the lives, habits, and challenges of our animal companions. Many are both captivating and eye-opening. Some examples here would be The Octopus Teacher, March Of The Penguins, Blackfish, and Cloud: Challenge Of The Stallions, but there are many more.

Spread The Word

If you have children, talk to them about the animals in their favorite movies, and help them understand the difference between the animals’ reality and the one depicted on screen. You can also share posts on social media to help raise awareness and support for stronger guidelines. As your Norwalk, CA animal clinic, we’re here to help. Please contact us today!

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