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Wildfire Preparation
May 1, 2022
Saturday, May 7th, is Wildfire Preparation Day. That’s definitely a topic that’s relevant to those who live in this area. Wildfires are both extremely devastating and extremely dangerous, and are often unpredictable. This is one area where a little preparation can make a big difference. A Norwalk, CA vet offers some advice on preparing for the worst in this article.

Have A Plan

Wildfires can move very quickly. Don’t wait until there is one at your doorstep to prepare. We recommend making emergency bags for all the people and pets in your household. Your pets’ ones should include things like food, water, dishes, toys, treats, medicine, a leash and collar, towels, a pet first-aid kit, bedding, and grooming supplies. It’s best to add a muzzle as well: some shelters may require these for dogs. Keep this with your pet’s travel crate or in the car, so it’s ready to go.

Stay Current On Your Pet’s Wellness Care

Keeping up with your furry best friend’s preventative care is always important, but it can become crucial in an emergency. If Fido and Fluffy are due for exams, vaccines, or parasite control, make that appointment today.

Keep Documents Handy

In addition to the items mentioned above, you’ll also need some paperwork. Make sure that you have copies of your pet’s vaccines and registrations. If you have to go to a shelter or hotel, you may have to show these papers in order for your furry pal to be allowed in. It’s also a good idea to print a list of pet-friendly shelters and hotels within a few hours drive.

First Aid

A first-aid kit is great, but you may also want to do some reading on how to treat burn injuries. A first-aid app or brochure can also come in handy here.

Keep Up With ID

Things can get pretty chaotic in emergency situations like wildfires. Pets can easily get spooked and run off. Make sure your four-legged pal is microchipped and wearing proper ID tags. Be sure to keep your information current in the chipmaker’s database!

Plan Your Route

It’s important to be familiar with escape routes in your area. If you don’t know all the possible roads, drive the new ones now, so you know what to expect. Do you have questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your local Norwalk, CA animal clinic, anytime.

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