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National Fetch Day
October 18, 2021
Does your canine buddy like playing Fetch? If so, you’ll want to give him something special tomorrow: it’s National Fetch Day! A Norwalk, CA vet discusses Fido’s favorite game in this article.

History Of Fetch

No one knows exactly when Fido first brought someone back a stick or ball, or dropped a game bird at his human’s feet. However, it seems that Man’s Best Friend has been playing Fetch for quite some time. Humans may have started hunting with dogs as much as 20,000 years ago!

Dogs That Love Fetch

Retrieving is an instinctive behavior in many dogs. You might find that some pooches, such as Retrievers, just can’t get enough Fetch time. That said, Fetch doesn’t come naturally to all pups. Some dogs will just sit there and watch their ‘toy’ sail out of sight, apparently not realizing they’re supposed to run after it. That’s perfectly fine! If Fido prefers Tug O War or another game, by all means indulge him.

Best Toy Ever

If your canine companion loves chasing tennis balls, you may want to get him a mechanical ball launcher. (This may be as entertaining for you as it is for Fido.) Just get one that is the right size for him. Dogs can choke or injure themselves on balls that are too big or too small.

Cats That Fetch

Fido and Fluffy have very different opinions of many things, particularly on topics like car rides, litterboxes, food, and swimming. However, while most kitties turn their noses up at playing Fetch, some of them actually will bring things back to you. The Bengal, Maine Coon, and Bombay are a few kitties that may enjoy this classic doggy game.


Fido may love chasing sticks, but they could break off into splinters. Toss your furry buddy something safer, like a dog toy or Frisbee.


For the most part, Fetch is a fun way for Fido to burn off some steam and just have fun. However, it isn’t appropriate for every dog. Many dogs should not be encouraged to jump or stand on their back legs, because of the strain it puts on their hips. Others, such as puppies and brachycephalic pooches, shouldn’t overexert themselves. Ask your vet for specific advice. Please reach out with questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. As your Norwalk, CA pet clinic, we’re here to help!

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