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Summer Puppy Care
July 15, 2021

Has a puppy recently joined your family? Are you ready for Cute Dog Summer? There are few things as adorable as baby dogs. Of course, little Fido can be a bit of a handful. Read on as a Downey, CA vet offers some advice on caring for your canine buddy.

Take Lots Of Walks

If you’re still working on housetraining, you’ll need to walk little Fido every few hours and after every meal. Reward him with treats and praise whenever he does his business outdoors. Even after your pooch has the hang of that, he’ll still benefit from the exercise, stimulation, bonding time, and change of scenery walks provide. Plus, puppies are always calmer after they’ve burned off their zoomies.

Work On Socialization

Socialization plays a huge role in how little Fido’s personality develops. Expose your four-legged buddy to new places and faces. One great way to do this is to invite people over for a puppy party. You probably won’t have trouble getting people to fawn over your new pet!

Swim Lessons

This one doesn’t apply to all dogs: brachycephalic pups, very small dogs, and many large breeds just aren’t well-suited for swimming. Ask your vet if you’re not sure. If Fido gets the thumbs-up, teach him to swim by supporting him gently in the water and encouraging him with praise. Just keep a very close eye on your dog. Never leave him alone near water.


Puppies are super cute. They’re also super curious, and want to investigate everything around them to sort out what they can and can’t eat and play with. Make sure that your home is safe for little Fido! Keep things like toxic plants, small and sharp items, and chemicals out of paws’ reach.


Puppies can get hot and tired very quickly. Make sure little Fido always has fresh water and access to cool, shady areas. 

Preventative Care

Safety first! Little Fido will need to be microchipped, spayed or neutered, and kept current on his vaccines and parasite control. He should also be wearing ID tags.


There are few things cuter than puppies hard at play. Snap some pictures or videos of your furry friend having fun in the sun. That adorable toddler stage will be over before you know it!

Do you need to make an appointment for your puppy? Contact us, your Norwalk, CA veterinary clinic, today!

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