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Cats at Work
June 15, 2021

June 21st is Take Your Cat To Work Day. If you spent a lot of time working from home over the last year, you may have gotten used to Fluffy sprawling out on your desk or snoozing on the back of your chair as you worked. People are returning to the office now, and things are starting to look a lot more normal. But should you take your furry buddy to work? A local Norwalk, CA vet lists a few things to consider below.


The first thing to consider of course would be your company’s pet policies, or lack thereof. Needless to say, if they don’t allow cats, Fluffy won’t be coming in with you. Kitties are likely to be most welcomed in smaller businesses, such as private offices and quiet retail shops. Many furballs are purrfectly content to snooze on a desk all day! 

Fluffy’s Resume

Our feline pals have held some pretty impressive positions over the years. Fluffy has been a mayor, a spy, a ticket-taker, an official Mouser, a lap warmer, a smuggler, and a therapist. She also makes a pretty good cuddle buddy and sleep aid!

Job Match

Cats are all unique. Some of our feline buddies are friendly and outgoing, while others are very timid and shy. Keep your pet’s purrsonality in mind. A timid, nervous furball will be more comfortable at home. That said, kittens may actually benefit from spending time in the office. Being exposed to new places and faces is great for socialization! Just keep a very close eye on little Fluffy, and make sure she stays out of trouble.

Working From Home

Are you working from home? Cats may be our most adorable coworkers, but they can also cause quite a bit of mischief. Try putting an empty box on your desk. Kitties just can’t refuse cardboard boxes, so this is a good way to trick Fluffy into staying out of your way. We also recommend setting your screen-lock time to 30 seconds or under. Why? Well, according to kitty laws, Fluffy will walk across your keyboard the minute you leave the room. This can keep your furball from wreaking havoc with your actual work. Last but not least, use only spill proof cups at your desk.

Do you have questions or concerns about your kitty’s health or care? Contact us, your Downey, CA veterinary clinic, today!

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