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If Pets Had Thumbs Day
March 1, 2021

You may want to put a pawprint on your calendar for March 3rd: it’s If Pets Had Thumbs Day. This is definitely one of the more amusing pet holidays we like to acknowledge. What do you think your furry pal would do if they suddenly were to grow opposable thumbs? A local Norwalk, CA vet offers a few educated guesses below.

Key Snag

We have a sneaking suspicion that Fido and Fluffy would both go for your car keys. Fido would probably take a drive to his favorite park or beach. Cats, on the other hand, would probably just toss them into a lake.

Online Shopping

It’s also quite likely that your furry buddies would be interested in ordering themselves some goodies. Fido’s shopping cart would probably include lots of toys and treats, as well as some new beds. Kiddie pools and doghouses might also start showing up at your door. As for Fluffy, she’d probably go for kitty furniture, canned tuna and salmon, scratching posts, catnip, cat beds, some live fish, cat enclosures, and a few random items, like a magazine subscription or prescription sunglasses.


You’ve likely seen humorous ‘selfies’ of dogs and cats online. (There’s also an adorable penguin selfie going around, but that’s another topic.) Fluffy and Fido may take time to pose for a few snaps in the midst of their mischief sprees!

Food Coma

If Fi do was able to open the fridge, pop cans open, and order food, we’d soon find ourselves with a big problem: burgeoning obesity rates among our canine patients. Your pup would probably sample pretty much everything you have in the house, and then order some delivery. Fluffy might be a bit more discerning. Then again, she may also start smashing plates, just for the heck of it.

Calenda  r Clear

If our patients suddenly gained the ability to cancel their appointments, we might see our calendars suddenly opening up. Fluffy and Fido both look and feel much better with regular veterinary care. However, they’d probably be more interested in locking each other out of the house or ransacking your drawers. Dog walkers, however, would likely find themselves overbooked if Man’s Best Friend was able to schedule himself some extra midday strolls.

As your local Norwalk, CA veterinary clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. We hope you’ll give our top-notch service a thumbs up!

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